galicia-armoire-4High-quality, handmade solid wood furniture is in our DNA.

We are a family of Mexican wood artisans who have been making handmade furniture for generations and are now pioneering our craft in Colorado. Our rustic furniture is eclectic and full of character with unique designs inspired by timeless, Spanish Colonial, Mexican and Indian heirloom pieces.

Our rustic creations, with their Mexican handmade hardware and authentic hide, copper, jute, and leather decorations, exude an age-old charm that can no longer be found in the mass-produced products typically sold in big-box stores.

We make every single piece by hand, using techniques passed down to us from generation to generation and materials that reconnect with the natural and the timeless.

When you buy a piece of furniture from Barcelona Rustic, you do your fare share to save the planet by buying a product that contains 90% recycled, reclaimed barn wood. Nothing feels as good to the touch as weathered cedar, pine, redwood, poplar, or oak. Nothing feels as lasting and indestructible as hand-carved solid wood.

del-monte-night-stand-3These are heirloom pieces made to last for generations to come. That’s why we confidently and proudly stand by our products with the best warranty that the industry has to offer.

Even the most discerning will find something to love in our selection of unique designs. But if you want to own a one-and-only design, we would be happy to work with you on custom-designing your dream piece of heirloom furniture. After all, your children and grandchildren – heck, even your great grandchildren – deserve something as unique as they are.

We are also available to restore your heirloom, antique furniture.